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About Down Syndrome  NSW

Down Syndrome Association NSWDown syndrome affects people of all races, ages and economic levels. It is one of the leading causes of intellectual disability occurring once in every 860 babies born throughout the world. Down Syndrome NSW endeavours to open up the world to people with Down Syndrome. Established in 1985 and run by parents it aims to encourage people with Down syndrome to lead an active and fulfilling life. Down Syndrome NSW aims to support people with Down Syndrome, families and carers by providing assistance, expertise and contacts. It encourages the empowerment of people with Down syndrome and aims to create greater awareness and acceptance in the community.

Down Syndrome NSW seeks to create an environment that is supportive of people with Down Syndrome needs and responsive to their abilities. Down Syndrome NSW relies on the donations of members and the community to support its efforts. By ordering charity flowers through Petals Network 8% of the total flower value will come back to Down Syndrome NSW. This helps raise vital funds for Down Syndrome NSW, increases community awareness and shows your support.

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