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About Cancer & Bowel Research Trust

Cancer & Bowel Research AssociationBowel cancer is the second largest cause of cancer deaths in Australia with 1 in 12 Australians being diagnosed by the age of 85. If caught in time 90% of cases can be treated successfully. The Cancer & Bowel Research Trust is an independent non-for-profit organisation administered by the Cancer & Bowel Research Association. Its key role is to coordinate activities in the discovery of causes, cures and prevention for cancer in Australia and New Zealand including increasing the community awareness of bowel cancer through the “Embarrassment can kill” campaign.

It aims to provide funding to support cancer research projects, purchase vital medical equipment, provide patient accommodation and manage and fund ongoing awareness and prevention campaigns. The trust raises funds through a number of initiatives including donations from individuals, the community and corporate. By ordering charity flowers through Petals Network a percentage of the total flower value will come back to the Cancer & Bowel Research Trust. It is with these donations that the trust can provide vital funds for ongoing research, provide equipment and accommodation for patients and their families and continue with awareness and prevention projects

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